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Family Office
Fund Management

Owners of significant fortunes face increasingly complex challenges in managing their wealth in all its forms. Whether you have a family office or not, our multi-jurisdictional and multidisciplinary team of experts can help you and your trusted advisors develop a comprehensive, integrated and more institutional approach to managing your family’s wealth.

Our CIO’s investment research coverage commands a readership comprised of the world’s largest asset manager and the leading hedge funds by AUM.

Digital Asset
Fund Management

Bitcoin and the digital asset sector have been one of the highest returning asset classes in history, yet the technical expertise and specialized trading knowledge required to manage exposure to them remains a barrier for most investors.

Our team manages a portfolio of high-growth digital assets, offering sophisticated and institutional investors a risk-adjusted exposure to the rapidly growing technology. We also actively source for high-quality, early-stage blockchain projects for qualified investors.

Closing a Deal

We offer clients and investors a targeted approach to capital introduction. Maintaining long-standing relationships with hedge funds and investors, we understand the respective goals of each and help to facilitate meaningful introductions.


Through an investor-centric model, we leverage on our extensive global network of institutional investors, which includes family offices, strategic investors, and fund-of-funds, to understand their portfolio and investment mandates.

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